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Information regarding Covid19

Last update: 2021-11-26

Safety is always our top priority. The company normally works closely with responsible authorities on all security-related issues, including the Coronavirus (covid-19). Limo Gotland follows the authorities' guidelines and the development of the Corona virus.

We value the current situation on a daily basis and make new decisions if necessary. This is the case at the moment and we have compiled a list of measures we have taken to protect you, our company & employees and what we can all think of to reduce the spread of Corona (Covid-19).

The vehicles are kept clean, and are regularly wiped with hand spirit or the like. We pay special attention to the places that people touch, such as door handles inside and outside, card terminal and other hard surfaces.

We make sure ALL are informed by the importance of washing their hands with soap and warm water, for at least 30 seconds. Hand rubbing can be an option if the hands cannot be washed. If possible, use hand spirit with a strength of about 75% alcohol.

If you're going to sneeze, sneeze at the elbow. This way, you help protect yourself and your surroundings !.

Employees and customers with symptoms should follow the authorities' recommendations and stay at home. They should stay at home as long as they feel sick. Anyone who has been ill should wait at least two days after recovering before returning to work.

Older people are more at risk of becoming seriously ill. It is therefore particularly important that the person who runs the travel service does not work with any symptoms. Employees who have been abroad are quarantined and should not return to work until after two weeks at the earliest.

Follow carefully the recommendations of the authorities. We have preparedness to control whether the business quickly in the event of new recommendations.

You will find current information from the Public Health Authority here.

Together for your convenience & safety!

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